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10 Places You Need To Visit In Your Lifetime

Last updated on Jan 7, 2018

For all those looking for some travel inspiration, you have come to the right place. It’s a big world out there, and if you’re planning a holiday but aren’t sure where to go, these top ten destinations should feature on your travel bucket list. In my opinion they are amongst the most beautiful places in the world, that everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime.

1. Arcipelago della Maddalena, Italy.

Because you can hang out in beaches like this…

Cala Soraja, one of my favourite beaches in the Archipelago della Maddalena

…or float in crystal clear waters like these.

Cala Soraja, a beach in the island of Spargi


2) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Because when you hike up a Brazilian mountain, the view is pretty awesome…

Pedra Bonita

…and Brazilian sunsets look like this.

Pao de Azucar Sunset

3) Kenya

Because you can go on a safari and see beautiful Lion King style landscapes…


…but you can also explore the crystal clear waters of their Marine Parks.



4) Cinque Terre, Italy

Because you can hike at one of the most scenic coastlines in Italy

Beautiful views while hiking the Sentiero Azzurro

…and there are beautiful towns with coloured houses along the hike.

Overlooking Vernazza from the Sentiero Azzurro


5) Isla Saona, Dominican Republic

Because the beaches fulfil every Caribbean stereotype you could possibly want…

Isla Saona

…and you can swim in water this clear.

Isla Saona


6) Thailand

Because you can take a long tail boat to a tropical paradise beach

Koh Lanta

…but the landscape isn’t limited to beaches.

Phang Nga Bay


7) Bali, Indonesia

Because it’s the perfect destination if you’re looking to get lost in the green rice fields

Exploring the rice fields in Ubud

…but also relax on white sandy beaches with turquoise water, and even swim with turtles!

Enjoying the turquoise water of the Gili T beaches


8) Norway

Because if you love nature, the fjords are simply stunning…

The Geirangerfjord

…and you can visit the most Northern point in Europe.

Cape North


9) Rome, Italy

Because the Eternal City will never stop being beautiful…

Evening lights at the Colosseum, Rome.

…and you’ll never have enough of it.

The Pantheon


10) Vancouver, Canada.

Because the hikes might be tough but the views are worth it…

…and exploring the woods makes you feel at one with nature.

Can’t get enough of these cool photos from all around the world? Then check out my Instagram page for many more!

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