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Jordan is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations, and it’s easy to see why. With its rich history and unusual landscapes, it’s probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

I was genuinely amazed by the beauty of Jordan. The bold red colours of the Wadi Rum, the dramatic canyons and rock formations of Little Petra and the imposing facades of Petra are unlike anything else in the world.

I spent one week in Jordan and can highly recommend it to anyone searching for a fun adventure. Here are my top Jordan travel tips.

Quick travel info about Jordan

Where is Jordan? In the Middle East, neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel.

How to get there: You can find the cheapest flights via SkyScanner.

Currency: Jordanian Diner (JOD) – see the latest exchange rate here.

Electrical plugs in Jordan: In Jordan you can you plugs of type C, D, F, G & J (the ones you usually get in Europe and the UK) – I recommend an international adapter so you can use it on multiple trips.

Capital City: Amman.

Best time to visit: The best months to visit Jordan are in the spring (March to May) or in autumn (September to November). This because the temperatures are quite mild and there isn’t much rainfall.

In summer it can get almost unbearably hot in Jordan, whilst in winter there can be a lot of rain. You can see weather forecasts for every month in Jordan here.

How to travel around Jordan: The easiest way to travel around Jordan is to rent a car and drive yourself. The majority of the roads in Jordan, especially the ones on the main tourist route, are well-paved and easy to drive on.

You can also travel around Jordan by public bus, although these are quite infrequent. You can also hire a car with driver but this will be more expensive.

Visa requirements: Most passport-holders will have to purchase a 40 JOD visa, which is valid for 2 months, either upon arrival or before travelling to Jordan. Some passport holders have a free visa upon arrival.

If you are spending at least three nights in Jordan and want to save time and money make sure to purchase a Jordan Pass. This will include both your visa and entrance to many of the attractions in Jordan.

Click here to see what type of visa you should get.

My Jordan travel guides

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