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Travel Resources: The Websites You Need To Plan Your Next Trip

People often ask how I organise all of my trips, where I book flights or hotels to make sure I’m getting the best deals, so I decided to put together a resource library of all the companies I personally use when travelling.

These are in my opinion the best search engines and platforms to book flights and accommodation, where you can usually compare prices and get the best deals. I hope you find these useful!


When searching for flights I always check more than one website, to make sure I am getting the best deal and not spending unnecessary money.

The same flight might be priced different on different platforms, so it’s definitely worth checking more than one website. My go-to flight search engines are:

Skyscanner Logo

Skyscanner is the first place I check when planning a holiday. They have a calendar option that allows you to see which dates are cheaper to fly, if you are flexible on dates this is a great way to save money.

They collate lots of different airlines and you then have the option to buy on different platforms or from the airline’s own website.


Similarly to when searching for flights, I always check a couple different websites also when searching for accommodation. The first websites I check are: Logo is a great place to start. They have a wide selection of accommodation types, so whether you’re looking for a fancy resort, a bed & breakfast, or an apartment, they have the functionality of filtering by all these choices and many more (eg. price, star rating etc) so that you can find exactly the type of property you want.

To make things even easier, there’s also a mobile app. It’s an essential travel app since it allows you to easily browse all the top accommodation options from your phone while you’re on the go.


GetYourGuide logo

GetYourGuide is the first place I check for tours. They sell a huge variety of tours everywhere in the world and have a very flexible cancellation policy (up to 24 hours before the tour).

You can compare prices between similar tours and see the reviews left by previous tour participants. 

Viator logo

If I can’t find the exact tour I’m looking for, I then go to Viator.

Viator is very similar to GetYourGuide, offering tours everywhere in the world. I’ve found that on Viator you can often find more off the beaten track options than GetYourGuide.

They’ll often have tours in places that aren’t as famous or touristy, which don’t appear on GetYourGuide. They also often sell more longer day tours, which I haven’t found as often on GetYourGuide.

Klook logo

Another popular option for booking tours is Klook. They have a similar platform to the previous two, offering a variety of tours where you can see reviews, compare prices etc.

The main difference is that Klook is particularly strong in Asia. If you’re in an Asian destination and can’t find the tour you want on GYG or Viator, there are high chances that you’ll find it on Klook instead.

Travel insurance:

HeyMondo logo

Recently I always buy my travel insurance with HeyMondo. HeyMondo sell tailor made travel insurance, and they are committed to offering the best value for money and support for your specific trip.

Besides the usual cancellation, medical expenses, luggage coverage and general travel insurance services, Heymondo also has a 24/7 doctor chat and instant assistance through their app.

Travel gear:

Amazon logo

Amazon is my go-to site for pretty much everything. Whether I need a new lens for my camera, a new travel pillow or even simply just hand sanitiser for my next trip, I usually head to Amazon first.

Amazon sell a huge variety of items in every field. They also offer very competitive delivery prices and windows. If you realise the day before a flight that you’re missing something, Amazon can probably get it delivered to you on time.

Admiring Belem Tower in Lisbon

Admiring Belem Tower in Lisbon

Final thoughts on the best websites to book your trip

These are the main websites that I personally check when planning a holiday, I like to compare prices especially when it comes to flights, to make sure I’m getting the best deal.

You’re probably thinking that, and yes the links here are affiliate links, and if you book or purchase anything through them I will get receive a commission.

I’m not promoting them for the commission, I’m promoting them because I personally believe they are the best resources to book your trips.

If you think there are better websites out there, please let me know! I’d love to hear what you guys use to plan and book your trips. Just leave a comment below and maybe I’ll discover a new amazing website I didn’t know about!

Now that you have all the resources you need to plan a trip, you probably need some travel inspiration to decide where to go!

Don’t forget to check out my destinations and travel advice library for advice on the best locations worldwide.

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Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Super useful resources, thanks for sharing!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

Thanks! Glad you found it useful!