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As a full-time travel blogger and part-time tour leader I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to packing for a trip. For the last three years I have spent 6 months a year on the road, never sleeping in the same place for more than 3 nights.

Let me tell you this; the packing never becomes fun. I love travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people and ticking experiences off my bucket list, but packing and unpacking is always the same incredibly dull activity.

It can also be a bit daunting packing for your first trip abroad or to a specific country with a very different climate from home. So if you’re looking for packing advice, you’ve come to the right place!

In this section of my blog you will find all my top packing tips. This includes my favourite travel essentials and the things I take on every long flight, as well as more detailed packing list for every main destination I’ve been to.

I’ve also listed below the suitcases and backpacks I use when I travel. I’ve personally tested them and taken them all over the world, if you’re looking for a new backpack I can guarantee they’re good!

View over Hear from the top of the fort

The backpacks & suitcases I travel with

My travel backpack

My main backpack for travel is a 50L backpack by Quechua. I personally love it because it’s spacious, light and has lots of pockets, without going overboard. I can comfortably walk with it for extended periods of time (obviously not marathons but you get what I mean, up to half an hour easily) even when it’s fully packed.

It also fits on the overhead rack on planes meaning you can bring it with you as carry-on. It ultimately depends on your airline but I’ve travelled with it almost everywhere as carry-on.

It’s sturdy but also stretchy, and has padded shoulders for extra comfort and support on your back. Compared to some fancier backpacks on the market it’s also very affordable.

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My bumbag

Whether you call it a bumbag or a fanny pack, this is the one I travel with. And you obviously have to wear it sideways over your shoulder if you want to achieve the full Brit Abroad look.

Jokes aside, I love mine because it’s colourful, sturdy and has lots of pockets. Can’t really ask for anything else from a bumbag can you?

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The Brit Abroad bumbag look in action

The Brit Abroad bumbag look in action

My carry-on suitcase

If I’m going away only for a weekend or somewhere fancier that I don’t need a backpack I usually travel with a smaller carry-on suitcase. I like it because it fits the carry-on sizes for all airlines I’ve travelled with, but is also quite stretchy so you can squeeze in a few extra things.

I like that it has pockets both inside and outside, which I usually use for dirty clothes or to separate things I don’t want to mix with my clothes. The four wheels also make it very easy to travel with.

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My big suitcase

I very rarely travel with this suitcase, as I generally prefer to use my backpack or travel carry-on. However if I’m going away for a very long time or somewhere where I’ll be more static and not move around as much I’ll go with my 99L suitcase by Away.

I love it because the frame is very light, and doesn’t eat into your suitcase weight allowance (I usually travel light, but if I travel heavy, I travel very heavy)! It also has a rigid case, which will keep anything you put inside a bit more sheltered from the hits and bumps it’s bound to get in the hold of a plane.

The four wheels make it easy to carry around even when it’s full. I’ve never personally used it but the suitcase also has an incorporated TSA approved lock so you can keep your things safe.

It’s considered one of the best travel suitcases, and it’s easy to see why.

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With my big Away suitcase

With my big Away suitcase

My day backpack

I’ve recently started travelling with this Yamtion backpack and I love it. This is the backpack I use to keep in all my camera gear, laptop, water, snacks, and in general travel daily essentials.

One thing to note is that it’s pretty much an office backpack, with an area for your laptop. It’s perfect for me as I usually travel with my laptop, but if you’re searching for a more casual beach bag it might not be the best.

I also travel with a lot of camera gear, and wanted a sturdy backpack to hold it in. It’s not a camera backpack. I’ve tried them before but I don’t love them, since they usually don’t have enough space for all my other stuff.

This backpack is spacious, has lots of pockets, outside pouches for water bottles so that you don’t take up space inside your backpack, and is built to be sturdy and comfortable. It’s the perfect backpack if you have lots of stuff to carry on a daily basis, and you want to be comfy.

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Hiking back up from the base of Catarata del Toro waterfall to the park reception

My Yamtion day backpack in action in Costa Rica

These are the exact backpacks or suitcases I use to travel. Read on if there’s a specific country you need packing help for, or just leave a comment if you have any questions!

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