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I moved to London in 2012 for university and then ended up never leaving. I’m not a city person, but there’s something about London that makes me always come back.

And while I’m not exactly travelling when I’m in London, I think it’s important to explore our own backyards just as much (if not more!) than other destinations around the world. I love to go out and explore London, pretend I’m a tourist for a day and see all the beautiful sights.

In this section you will find all my top tips for London and the UK.

Quick travel facts about the UK

Where is the United Kingdom? The UK is an island nation in North Western Europe, composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How to get there: You can find the cheapest flights to the UK via SkyScanner.

Currency: British Pound Sterling (GBP) – see the latest exchange rate here.

Electrical plugs in the UK: Type G – I recommend an international adapter so you can use it on multiple trips.

Capital city: London

Best time to visit: The best time to travel to the UK is from April to September. During the spring and summer months you will find long, sunny and warm days with the occasional rainfall.

Summer in London is amongst my favourite times of the year. You will find less tourist crowds in autumn and winter but the weather is notoriously bad. You can see weather averages for every month in the UK here. 

How to travel around the UK: The UK has a very good, if somewhat pricey, railway system. You can get to most big cities and even smaller towns by train.

There are also lots coaches that connect all the main destination, which are usually cheaper than the trains. For longer distances you can also find cheap flights on SkyScanner.

The UK is also a great destination for road trips! Just rent a car, get your friends together and go on an adventure!

Visa requirements: Tourists from the US and Australia can travel to the UK without having to apply for a visa beforehand and can stay for up to 6 months. Check if you need a visa for your passport here.

My UK travel guides

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