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Budgeting Tips

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s a common myth that you need loads of money to go on cool trips. I disagree with that.

There are ways to find cheap flights and save money while you’re on the road. There are even lots of jobs that allow you to travel and work at the same time!

My point is that whether you work 9-5 and want to travel more, whether you’re a student going away during school holidays, or whether you’re a long term traveller, there are ways you can save money and stay on the road longer.

Here you will find all my top travel budgeting tips.

My travel budgeting guides

How To Travel More With A Full Time Job

Do you love travelling but feel like you can’t because of your full time job? I know the feeling. It’s hard to travel while working full time, however it is possible. I worked in a corporate office for 20 months and went on over 20 trips in that time, both short trips but also long haul international …

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