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Husky Sledding Safaris in Lapland – Finland Sleigh Tours

Taking a husky safari is an absolutely incredible experience. And I’m convinced the best place to do it is in Lapland, Finland. This magical area is situated in northern Finland and is covered in a thick layer of pure white snow.

It’s known for its rare elements of natural beauty, such as the midnight sun, and the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis.

With so many reasons to visit this breathtaking region, it’s time to explore one of the best winter activities in Lapland – taking a husky safari.

Doing a husky dog sled tour in Yllas, Lapland

Doing a husky dog sled tour in Yllas, Lapland

Why you should go Husky Sledding

Taking a Finland husky tour is a magical experience in every way, one that should be added to your European winter bucket list immediately.

It allows you to see a variety of different landscapes, varying from snowy forests to glassy frozen lakes.

It’s a thrilling experience that will really get the adrenaline pumping. If you get cold easily, I recommend that you opt for a shorter tour, as the longer ones do get rather chilly.

On most tours, you’ll get to visit the husky farm, and see where and how the dogs live. This too is an awesome experience, especially for dog lovers.

Getting to know my sledding tour husky dogs in full Lapland winter gear

Getting to know my sledding tour husky dogs in full Lapland winter gear

What you need to know about dog sledding in Finland

When you go dog sledging in Lapland, there are a few things you need to know. The first is that you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re wearing, since an arctic suit will be provided for you.

It’s best to wear clothes that you can move around in easily in case you want to keep them on underneath. There will also be a blanket provided for the guest sitting in the sled.

Taking a GoPro along for the journey is highly advised as you can capture some absolutely magical footage while making your way through the snowy forests.

Driving my husky sled in Finland

Driving my husky sled in Finland

Is dog sledding cruel?

The short answer is no. I was a bit wary about this before going husky sledding, but having seen the dogs and spoken to the guys from Hetta Huskies, I’ve been reassured that it’s different from other forms of animal tourism.

These dogs love to run. And more than that, they need to run. In most cases, they’re very well looked after, you can check up on this before taking the tour.

We took a tour with Hetta Huskies and visited the dog kennels after the tour. We were highly impressed with their living conditions, and their minders were more than happy to answer questions about their training and living conditions.

Hetta Huskies also has a retirement and adoption program for its dogs. Once they’re too old to run they keep them on the husky farm so they can be with the other dogs, even if they can’t run anymore.

They even have the adoption program for those who want to adopt a husky. In other farms unfortunately they often put down the dogs when they can’t run anymore, as they are very expensive to keep.

Some of the dogs from our husky safari in Lapland

Some of the dogs from our husky safari in Lapland

Husky Safari tour options

As I mentioned above, we took a tour with Hetta Huskies, but even with Hetta Huskies there are many reputable husky tour companies in Lapland to choose from.

I’ve listed below some of the most amazing husky tour options, both for the location, scenery, and tour company running it.

Arctic Circle Long Trail Husky Adventure

The Arctic Circle Long Trail Husky Adventure is a two-hour experience starting in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

After meeting the Siberian huskies, you’ll mush them before hitting the snow. For one hour you’ll head out on a self-drive safari, headed up by these wonderful animals.

Speeding through the snowy forest during our husky safari in Lapland

Speeding through the snowy forest during our husky safari in Lapland

A professional guide will be there to assist you every step of the way. So don’t be too intimidated by the fact that it’s a self-drive safari. No previous experience is required.

During the safari, you’ll take in views of the stunning Arctic Circle forests while covering between 7 and 10 kilometres of snow.

After the tour, you’ll get the opportunity to pet the huskies and take photos with your new furry friends. They’re incredibly friendly dogs who are eager to give you love.

Once you’ve said your goodbyes, enjoy comforting hot drinks at the hotel to warm up while you wait for your hotel transfer to arrive.

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Ready to set off on our husky sled adventure!

Ready to set off on our husky sled adventure!

2km Husky Ride and Local Farm Visit

This 2km husky ride and local farm visit is perfect for those who get cold very easily. A shorter ride means there’s less time to get cold, but you’ll still get to enjoy this thrilling experience.

This husky sleigh ride takes place in Rovaniemi, Lapland. You’ll first travel to the farm and meet the instructors as well as the huskies themselves. You’re sure to be greeted with a warm and furry welcome.

At the farm, you’ll get to know the dogs and listen to the farmer tell stories about them while enjoying a hot drink and biscuits. After a heartfelt conversation, you’ll hop on board the sleigh lead by a pack of beautiful huskies.

You can relax and enjoy the scenery along the way. Snow topped trees punctuate this fantasy-like region, making for some incredible photographs.

Once you’ve completed the 2km round trip, you’ll be able to spend some free time with the dogs. Be sure to take a few photos with these stunning creatures to add to your memories of Lapland.

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One of the beautiful husky dogs from our safari in Lapland

One of the beautiful husky dogs from our safari in Lapland

Lapland Reindeer and Husky Safari

If you’re looking for a two-in-one experience, this Lapland reindeer and husky safari is the way to go. The tour starts with a visit to the reindeer farm where you can take a short exam on how to handle these majestic animals.

You’ll then head out on a short sledge safari with these wonderful creatures to experience handling them on the trail. Afterwards, you’ll travel to the husky farm to meet the dogs.

You’ll learn about these loyal animals while getting a chance to pet and play with them. You’ll then be given a safety briefing and instructions before heading out on your husky tour.

It’s a magnificent experience that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area. This tour is a great option for animal lovers as you’ll get up close and personal with two stunning species of animals.

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Going for a reindeer sleigh ride in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Going for a reindeer sleigh ride in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Our experience doing a husky sledding safari in Lapland

Hetta Huskies has numerous husky farms all over Lapland, the one we did it as was in Yllas in Finland. We went to the meeting point at the Lapland Safaris office in Yllas, where we were suitted up with appropriatte arctic gear.

Once we were all dressed up in our suits, boots and mitten gloves they drove us in a tiny coach to the husky farm.

There they gave us a general briefing on how the sled works, how to brake, how to slow down, how to manage the dogs if they get tangled up and general tips.

We then split up in two people per sled, one sitting and one driving. Half way through the safari we took a little break and swapped, so that both of us got the opportunity to drive the sled.

One of the beautiful husky dogs from our safari in Lapland

One of the beautiful husky dogs from our safari in Lapland

Driving is loads of fun. The adrenaline rush and feeling of control, paired with the wind speeding past you is unlike anything I’d ever done before.

Being a passenger is also very fun, as it’s more leisurable and allows you to enjoy the scenery more.

Throughout all the safari you’ll be followed along and supported by someone in a snowmobile. They’ll go to all the main intersections before you so tha they can ensure they steer the dogs in the right direction.

Overall I loved doing a husky safari in Lapland, and it’s an experience I highly recommend to everyone. Husky sledding is a very typical activity, that allows you to experience both the natural landscape and a new rush of adrenaline.

Our sled and dogs just before setting off on our husky safari

Our sled and dogs just before setting off on our husky safari

Final thoughts on husky tours in Lapland

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect on a husky safari in Lapland, it’s time to book your tour and hit the road! With majestic views and a thrilling adventure awaiting you, you have no time to lose.

Be sure to pack the Lapland winter essentials, it’s not a place you want to be caught unprepared. The winters can be cruel, but the stunning scenery makes it oh so worth it.

I hope you find this guide useful in planning your own husky safari adventure in Lapland. I have tried to answer all the questions I had prior to my husky sledding experience. If you have any questions, let me know in the commens below!

Have an incredible time in Lapland, Finland!

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