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Christmas In London: Best Things To Do

Last updated on Jul 13, 2019

London is a fantastic place to visit at Christmas time. Check out my video to see the best activities to do to make the most out of the festive season in London! I will take you to explore some of the key festive activities, such as Southbank Christmas Market, ice skating at the Natural History Museum, and visiting Winter Wonderland.

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Southbank Christmas Market:

I love street food markets in London. I love them even more when they are Christmas themed. Quite a few street markets pop up in London during the festive season, but my personal favourite is the Southbank one. This because it’s just under the London Eye and along the river, which is a lovely area to visit regardless of markets or not. And they always have amazing food, so you can get food or hot chocolate (or mulled wine, if that’s more your thing) and sip it while watching the sunset over Westminster. They have great food but also some nice Christmassy objects if you want to buy some presents.

Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum:

This is my favourite Christmas and winter activity to do. I love big ice rinks, but since these are a bit lacking in London, the best one you can go to is the Natural History Museum ice rink. It’s quite big compared to some of its fellow pop ups around London, and the atmosphere is super festive, with the huge Christmas tree in the middle. I also personally love the Natural History Museum (can’t help it, they have dinosaurs!) so I like making a trip out of it and checking out both. If you go during the day, or early in the Christmas season (they set it up mid November!) it won’t be too busy either which will make it more fun. This is also one of the best photo spots in London!

Winter Wonderland:

Winter Wonderland is the most Christmassy place that you can imagine. But it’s also full of people. So it really depends on how much you’re feeling the Christmas spirit whether you go or not. It’s a huge fair with loads of food stalls, rides and Christmas gifts on sale. During the day in the middle of the week it obviously won’t be as busy, but it’s prettier to go when it’s dark, and all the lights are on.

What are you favourite London Christmas activities? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re looking for more suggestions of things to do, check out this Christmas in London article.

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London is an amazing city, especially more so if you visit during Christmas. Find out the best things to do and places to visit!

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