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Madonna di Campiglio: 3Tre Ski World Cup

Last updated on Nov 26, 2018

Madonna di Campiglio in Trentino is one of the best Italian ski resorts. The slopes are fantastic and the town is lovely. I had the pleasure of visiting it during the 3Tre Ski World Cup, which meant there was an ever more amazing atmosphere. Check out the full video to see what a Ski World Cup is like!

Sunset reflections on Lake Idro, on the drive up to Campiglio

Sunset reflections on Lake Idro, on the drive up to Campiglio

We arrived in Madonna di Campiglio late on the 21st of December, just in time for the celebration on the evening before the competition. The evening starts off with a red carpet of the top athletes, who then go on stage to pick a number out of a hat. This will determine the starting order of the competition on the following day. They then sign it and throw it in the crowd. It is definitely worth getting up a day early to see this, as there is a great cheerful atmosphere, and its very good fun to watch.

A glimpse of Madonna di Campiglio

A glimpse of Madonna di Campiglio

On the 22nd of December the actual competition took place, but not until the evening, as it is a night skiing competition. We spent the day wandering around the town, a very typical Italian mountain town (not that this is a bad thing!) and did a trip to the top of the slopes. Madonna di Campiglio has some of the best slopes in Italy, and I highly recommend it as a destination if you want to go skiing in Europe.

View of the Dolomites from the top of the slopes

View of the Dolomites from the top of the slopes

Watching a skiing competition live is a great experience. It will be cold obviously, especially watching a night competition, so make sure you dress up warm. There are big screens on which you can follow the skiers when they’re not visible from the ground, but you can also climb up along the slope if you want to watch them skiing past. Like any big sporting event there is lots of cheering, and it feels great to be surrounded by such a positive and eventful atmosphere. The Italians didn’t win (shame!) but we still did well, which increased the excitement on the slopes. For more skiing inspiration, check out this guide to the best places to ski in Austria.

All in all it was a great experience. If you’re planning a ski trip to Italy, around at the same time when the Ski World Cup is on, I highly recommend doing an extra stop to check it out. Madonna di Campiglio is one of the best places to ski in Italy, so you won’t regret it. Watch the video for footage of the competition and of the town of Madonna di Campiglio!

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Campiglio is one of the best destinations in Italy to go skiing, especially more so if you visit while the Ski World Cup is on! There is a great atmosphere, check out the post for more info!

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