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Most Instagrammable Hotels In Bali: 15 Picture Perfect Properties

There is no denying that Bali is an Instagrammers heaven. If you search for #bali on Instagram you will get over 60 million results!

I wrote a guide on all the best Instagram spots in Bali, however there are so many beautiful and Instagrammable hotels in Bali, that I figured they deserved a separate guide just for them.

Accommodation in Bali has set the bar pretty high when it comes to stunning and unique photography opportunities.

Whether it’s beautiful infinity pools over epic landscapes, distinctive properties lost in the jungle or with their unique architecture, there is something here for every type of traveller and photographer.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the most Instagrammable hotels (or villas, airbnbs and homestays) in Bali!

A popular tourist spot in Bali; the "Love Bali" sign at Tegalalang rice terraces

A popular tourist spot in Bali; the “Love Bali” sign at Tegalalang rice terraces

The 15 most Instagram-worthy hotels, AirBnbs or villas in Bali

Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa

Munduk Moding is possibly one of the most iconic and recognisable hotels in Bali.

If I showed you a photo of their infinity pool, without telling you what hotel it is or in what country, there’s a chance you’d say “Ah yes I saw this on Instagram!”

Besides being very Instagrammable, Munduk Moding also offers private villas and a luxurious experience to its guests, as well as being a great base to discover the waterfalls in the north of Bali.

They also have a coffee plantation and foundation that supports the local community.

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Kamandalu Resort

If you’re looking for another iconic pool and Bali experience, then the Kamandalu Ubud floating breakfast is the one. Kamandalu is a five-star luxury resort located in Ubud, with a number of different sized villas and private pools.

The most recognisable Instagram shot is from their three-bedroom pool villa, with the triangular shaped pool.

Here you can enjoy a delicious floating breakfast while relaxing in your private pool, overlooking the jungle and rice fields of Ubud, and snapping away all those perfect shots for your social media profiles.

If you’re staying in a different room worry not, as there are plenty of other photo perfect opportunities all over Kamandalu Resort.

Whether it’s a balcony overlooking the forest, a swing in the jungle, an outdoors flower bath or an infinity pool, you are sure to snap your picture perfect shot whatever room you stay in.

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Kayon Jungle Resort

When one pool isn’t enough, why not go for three tiered pools all overlooking the rice fields and jungle? At Kayon Jungle Resort, in the tranquil village of Bresela (25 minutes away from Ubud) you will find just that.

Here you can escape the everyday life, as well as the hectic pace of some areas of Bali, and recharge in the beauty of nature.

They offer a variety of different rooms, from suites to villas with private pools, as well as a spa, restaurants and bar. The Jungle Pool & Bar is the famous Insta spot, and is actually open also to non-guests.

With the colourful cabanas, floating mattresses and delicious food, you’re guaranteed a fun day out and beautiful Instagram shots of the pools overlooking the Bali countryside.

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The Edge Bali

This Instagram shot isn’t one for the faint hearted. The Edge Bali is a luxury resort located in the south of Bali, along the cliffs of Uluwatu.

162 metres above sea level you will find its famous pool that hangs over the edge of the cliff, hence giving it its name.

It’s a fairly small hotel with only 8 villas and 17 bedrooms, but one where you’re sure to have a great time as well as snapping beautiful Instagram shots.

The rooms all come with ocean view, so even if you’re not snapping photos by the pool, you can still enjoy the view over the sea.

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Hideout Bali

After some incredible pools, it’s time for something a little different. Hideout Bali is an off the grid eco bamboo home, located in Selat in Eastern Bali.

They offer six different homes, but the concept is always the same: glamorous bamboo homes for adventurers who want to get off the beaten path.

Lost in the jungle you will find these beautifully designed huts made entirely in bamboo, including walls, beds, furniture, all of it!

Hideout Bali was the first to open, but Hideout Beehive and Horizon are just a little more Instagrammable. Here you can get really creative with your Instagram photography.

Whether it’s a shot taken from inside looking out into the jungle, or a drone shot of the bamboo home amongst the vast Bali jungle, the possibilities are endless!

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Green Village Bali

To continue the bamboo trend, you have to visit Green Village Bali.

Green Village Bali is a group of luxury villas and houses, build almost entirely in bamboo, with a special focus on sustainability and an appreciation for nature and the environment.

Located on the banks of Ayung River, not far from Ubud in central Bali, Green Village Bali is surrounded by lush green Balinese rainforest.

Both the villas and wider community have been recognised as one of Bali’s most remarkable communities in sustainable housing.

Here there is no shortage of stunning photo opportunities. Regardless of which villa you chose, you are guaranteed picture perfect moments of your stunning bamboo surrounded by lush greenery.

Camaya Bali

Camaya Bali is a fairly new property that has quickly scaled the ranks of Insta fame. When you look at the beautiful bamboo villas they offer, epic views over the rice fields and luxurious environment, it’s easy to see why.

The most famous and Instagram-worthy spot is without a doubt the overhanging nets, from which you can admire the rolling green rice fields and forest. The flower bath rock pool with epic views is a close second.

If you’re looking for an accommodation that is undeniably Instagrammable, but also offers a refreshing nature experience away from the crowds, Camaya Bali is the place.

Camaya Bali only has four villas for up to 14 people in total, so you’re guaranteed a relaxing and reinvigorating stay.

Book your unique stay at Camaya Bali here!

Villa Sungai

I stayed at Villa Sungai on my first trip to Bali and to this day it’s one of the most beautiful and luxurious properties I have stayed at. Located in the town of Cepaka, Villa Sungai is far from the chaos of mainstream Bali tourist areas.

It’s a small property formed of two villas next to each other, each with their own private pool. At Villa Sungai they fuse traditional Balinese village experiences with five-star guest service.

Add to that tasteful interior décor, outdoors stone bathrooms and infinity pools that overlook the jungle, and you have an Instagram-worthy winner.

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The main pool at Villa Sungai

The private pool at the bigger villa at Villa Sungai

The Udaya Resort & Spa

Udaya Resorts & Spa, located close to Mount Agung, has become famous on Instagram for its floral baths and floating breakfasts.

If you’re feeling a bit extra, which is totally understandable and even encouraged when in Bali, you can even ask for a floral bath in your private pool (which many of their private villas have).

They’re also famous for their romantic set ups. If you’re travelling with your significant other, it’s the perfect venue to capture some magical and romantic memories!

Whatever the occasion, you’re guaranteed to have a luxurious and magical stay, as well as some Instagram shots that will make your friends back home jealous.

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Stone House Bali

Stone House Bali will give you all the ultimate tree-house and jungle vibes. Stone House is made of four villas, exquisitely designed in Balinese style and tucked away in the midst of the lush tropical jungle.

It’s located only 2km north of Ubud, a perfect location to explore the surrounding beauty of Bali.

The combination of bamboo, infinity pools, overhanging nets, lush greenery and airy interior décor offer ample opportunities for beautiful Instagram photos.

Whatever shot it is that you’re trying to capture, there’s a pretty high chance you will be able to snap it here.

Book your stay at Stone House Bali here!

The Legian Bali

The Legian Bali probably has one of the most famous and iconic pools in Bali. Located right on the beach, the infinity pool of the Legian Bali offers incredible photo opportunities (bonus points if you can get a reflection in)!

The Legian Bali is a luxury hotel on the shores of Seminyak Beach, and offers a mixture of private villas and suites, to suit every type of traveller.

If you’re looking for a place to get pampered in between one Instagram shot and the next, this is the one!

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Viceroy Bali

I hope you haven’t had enough of infinity pools, because the Viceroy Bali also has an incredible infinity pool that you won’t want to miss.

Viceroy Bali is a 5-star luxury resort with romantic private villas, and an infinity pool that overlooks the jungle.

Many of the villas come with private pools and they all have sweeping jungle views, as well as traditional Balinese décor, so that you can get creative with your photography regardless of what room you’re staying in.

Located in Ubud it’s the perfect rejuvenating hideout.

Click here to see the latest prices and availability at Viceroy Bali!

Visesa Ubud Resort

I’ve been to Ubud twice and Desa Visesa was my favourite place I stayed at in Ubud.

Located about a 15-minute drive away from central Ubud, it’s close enough that you can go for a wander in the town centre, but also isolated enough to give you that lost in the jungle feeling.

Desa Visesa has suites as well as villas with private pools, needless to say the private pools offer some of the best Instagram shots, but even if you get a garden suite don’t worry!

They have a beautiful central pool, as well as great photo spots throughout the property. They even have a photographer onsite that can take you to all the spots and take professional photos for you!

Click here to see the latest prices and availability at Desa Visesa in Ubud!

Drone shot of the main pool at Desa Visesa Ubud

Drone shot of the main pool at Desa Visesa Ubud

Adiwana Dara Ayu Villas

I hope you’re not bored of epic infinity pools overlooking rice fields and lush green forests, because there is one more worthy of mention.

Adiwana Dara Ayu Villas is a cluster of eco-friendly boutique and villas, immersed in the beautiful green landscapes of Bali.

Their tiered infinity pools offer plenty of Instagrammable photo opportunities, but that’s not all! Each villa is surrounded by typical Balinese elements, with beautiful views and a romantic vibe.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a romantic retreat with your significant other, away from the chaos of everyday life.

Click here to book your stay at Adiwana Dara Ayu Villas!

Bambu Indah

I couldn’t end this compilation of the most Instagrammable hotels in Bali with a final bamboo hideout with hanging nets.

Bambu Indah is an eco lifestyle boutique hotel, built to be a sustainably minded jungle retreat while at the same time offering the luxury of hotel service.

They have different sized huts and villas for all party sizes, each with its own features.

Whichever room you choose, you are guaranteed to find some picture perfect opportunities, as well as enjoying a luxurious natural adventure, secluded away in the jungle of Ubud.

See the latest prices and availability at Bambu Indah here!

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There you have it, the complete list to all the most beautiful and Instagrammable properties in Bali.

Whether you choose a boutique villa or a more luxurious resort, you are guaranteed to have a magical stay at any of these hotels, as well as capturing some picture perfect moments for your Instagram feed!

I hope you find this guide useful in deciding which Instagram-worthy property to choose for your Bali trip! If there are other hotels you believe should be on this list let me know in the comments below!

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