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3 Days In Seville: The Perfect Seville Weekend Itinerary

Seville is the perfect winter weekend city getaway in Europe. We went for a long weekend in February, from Friday to Sunday, and it was the ideal amount of time to explore this beautiful city and learn more about its history. 

In just three days we saw all the main sights of the city, amongst which the Real Alcázar, the Cathedral, Plaza de España, and the Metropol Parasol.

There are also lots of fun activities to do in a weekend in Seville, such as cycling in the parks and boating in Plaza de España.

If you’re planning to spend a weekend in Seville, this is the post for you! In this guide I go over how to spend 2-3 days in Seville, all the main highlights to see, where to eat and where to stay.

Gorgeous golden hour over the rooftops of Seville

Gorgeous golden hour over the rooftops of Seville

About Seville & how to get there

Seville is a lovely city in the South of Spain, which is also the capital and largest city of the region of Andalusia.

It has its own international airport so is very easy to get to. We got return flights from London for approximately 70 GBP each.

We only went on a weekend break as we had to go back to work on Monday, however we found this was a good amount of time to see all of the main points of interest of Seville.

I do a lot of weekend breaks, for example I recently wen to also Bath and Rome, since while working full time they’re one of the best ways to see a city quickly without using any holiday days.

If you’re travelling around Spain and are short on time, Seville can also be visited as a day trip from Madrid.

Exploring Plaza de Espana in Seville

Exploring Plaza de Espana in Seville

Where to stay for 3 days in Seville

We stayed in a lovely AirBnb just outside the main pedestrian area of the Seville town centre.

The location was ideal for us since we were a short walk away from all the main attractions, without actually being caught up in all the chaos of the main streets, plus without paying the high central location prices.

Click here to book your stay at the same lovely Airbnb!

A beautiful fountain and street corner in Seville

A beautiful fountain and street corner in Seville

What to see in Seville in 3 days

Seville is a city with a rich history and there are lots of beautiful buildings and public areas that you have to visit on a weekend trip to Seville. 

I have listed here all the main highlights of Seville, that you can’t miss if you’re spending 3 days in Seville.

Seville Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, usually just called Seville Cathedral, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s one of the most famous landmarks in Spain and it’s also the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Audio-guide tours of the cathedral cost 9 EUR for adults or 4 EUR for children. However for 16 EUR you can do a tour with an in person guide and they will take you to see also the roof of the cathedral.

This in my opinion is well worth the extra money, since the views over Seville from the roof of the cathedral are stunning. Plus it’s always better to have a guide in person to whom you can ask questions.

We visited the Seville Cathedral on a Sunday and had to queue for quite a while before going in. If you want to avoid that you can also book a skip-the-line guided tour online.

Click here to book your skip the line tour of Seville Cathedral!

Rooftops of Seville

View over the rooftops of Seville from the Seville Cathedral

Overlooking Seville from the roof of the cathedral

Overlooking Seville from the roof of the cathedral

Real Alcázar

The Real Alcázar of Seville is the largest royal palace still in use and is also protected by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The architecture was heavily influenced by the Arabic presence in Spain at the time it was built and it beautifully adds to the atmosphere of the palace.

The Real Alcázar also has a huge garden that you can visit, even with a small maze inside it (yes I’ll admit I got lost in it)! I recommend you buy a ticket online beforehand, as it will save you some queuing on the day.

No Spain bucket list would be complete without a visit to the Real Alcazar of Seville.

Click here to book your skip the line entrance to the Real Alcazar of Seville!

The main courtyard of the Real Alcazar in Seville

The main courtyard of the Real Alcazar in Seville

Plaza de España

If you’re a Star Wars fan you have to pay Plaza de España a visit. This beautiful Spanish square features briefly (all of 48 seconds!) in Attack of the Clones as Naboo.

There is a minimum amount of digital alteration so you will be able to easily recognise it.

Plaza de España is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Seville for its beautiful architecture and atmosphere. If you’re visiting on a sunny day you can also go on a little boat tour in the canal around the plaza.

We rented a boat for an hour and thought it would be enough to go all the way round and back, but we were surprised to find how hard rowing boats are to manoeuvre so ended up only getting half way and having to go back.

Exploring Plaza de Espana

Exploring Plaza de Espana

The beautiful Plaza de Espana in Seville

The beautiful Plaza de Espana in Seville

Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure in the shape of giant mushrooms built over a Roman Antiquarium, where historical remains are displayed in a museum.

It is a recent addition to Seville, having opened only in 2011, but one that has become quickly popular for its beautiful views over the city.

Access to the viewing platform is free although it is a little confusing to find your way to the elevator.

Watching the sunset over Seville from the Metropol Parasol

Watching the sunset over Seville from the Metropol Parasol

Sunset over Seville from the Metropol Parasol

Sunset over Seville from the Metropol Parasol

Our Seville 3-day itinerary


We arrived on Friday during the day and after an early morning we just spent some time relaxing at our AirBnB. We headed into the city just in time to watch the sunset from the Metropol Parasol.

There are beautiful views stretching across the whole city and it was the perfect spot to grab a drink and watch the sunset.

Once the sun went down we headed out into the city, searching for the best tapas and paella we could find. For more Seville food inspiration, check out these 10 unmissable Seville food experiences.

Click here to book a Spanish cooking class and tapas market tour!

Plaza de Espana in Seville

Plaza de Espana in Seville


On the Saturday we had an easy morning, walking around the city, exploring all the main landmarks and enjoying the warm Spanish weather.

There are lots of gardens and green areas in Seville, which on sunny days like we had are particularly enjoyable to walk around.

The side streets in the city centre, around the Real Alcázar and the Cathedral, fulfill every stereotype that you would expect from an old Spanish town and are beautiful even just to walk around aimlessly and get lost.

We then did a tour of the Real Alcázar, the biggest royal palace still in use and wandered around its beautiful gardens for hours. We also explored Plaza de España and went cycling in the park around it.

Wandering around the streets of Seville

Wandering around the streets of Seville


On Sunday we had our flight late in the evening, which still gave us a whole day to explore even more of Seville. We started the day with a guided tour of the Cathedral, which I highly recommend.

Considering how much taller it is than everything around it, I knew I wanted to go on the roof and see the view, and as expected it was beautiful.

It is also interesting to hear the history of the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world and how it was built.

In the early afternoon we had fun going boating in Plaza de España, before then heading back to our AirBnb to grab our bags and head back to the airport.

If you’re looking for more information and inspiration about Seville, check out this post.

Some of the boats in Plaza de Espana in Seville

Some of the boats in Plaza de Espana in Seville

Final thoughts on our Seville 3-day weekend

I really enjoyed going to Seville for a weekend getaway. It is the perfect destination to take a break and just disconnect for a little bit, plus the weather is lovely all year round!

Whether you’re visiting Europe in the fall or even in winter, you can usually expect to find mild weather in Seville.

The combination of beautiful architecture, interesting history and tasty food make it the ideal city weekend break.

Even if you don’t have long to spend there, 3 days in Seville are enough to soak in the atmosphere of this beautiful city.

Have you been to Seville? Did you love it as much as me? Let me know in the comments below!

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Photo collage of Plaza de Espana and the view over the roofs of Seville at sunset with text overlay saying "epic weekend break in Seville, Spain"

Photo collage of the Seville cathedral, Plaza de Espana and the Real Alcazar with text overlay saying "The ultimate 3-day Seville itinerary"

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