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Where to Stay in Hvar, Croatia – For Every Traveller & Budget!

Many people travel to Croatia and only visit Hvar on a day trip from Split, but they don’t know how much they’re missing out on! Hvar is a gorgeous island in Croatia, which deserves to be more than a day trip destination.

During my 10 days in Croatia I spent two nights in Hvar, and they were amongst the best of the trip. Hvar is full of awesome things to do for every type of traveller, ranging from pristine beaches to cute historical town centres.

Given the variety on the island, deciding where to stay in Hvar can be hard. In this guide I run you through all the best places to stay in Hvar Island, explaining which region is best suited for which type of traveller.

Whether you’re a group of friends looking to stay in the heart of the nightlife, or a couple looking for a quieter romantic stay, this Hvar accommodation guide has something for everyone!

View over Hear from the top of the fort

View over Hvar Town from the top of the Spanish Fortress

Best Region to Stay in Hvar 

Despite its small size, Hvar Island is very diverse. The island has four main visitor hubs: Hvar Town, Jelsa, Stari Grad, and Milna. Each of these areas has its own unique vibe and its own distinctive draws.

When choosing where to stay in Hvar Island, you’ll have lots of options. But the best location to stay in Hvar depends on your personal interests.

You can easily spend your entire getaway at the beach, at historical sites, or even at the coolest clubs. So you’ll want to identify your main interests and choose your Hvar accommodation based on that.

The harbour of Hvar

The harbour of Hvar Town

Where to Stay in Hvar for Nightlife – Hvar Town

Hvar Town has a lot going for it – from picture-perfect streets to its historical sites to ocean views, it’s what makes it one of the most popular Split day tours. You could easily spend a week exploring everything that Hvar Town has to offer.

During the day, there’s quite a bit to do in Hvar. You can check out the views from the Spanish fortress, pop by the Venetian Loggia, and enjoy the sun at Pokonji dol Beach.

That said, Hvar Town is known for its nightlife in particular. You can enjoy a few drinks at the exclusive Carpe Diem Bar, listen to live music at Central Park Club, and dance the night away at Pink Champagne Club.

When choosing where to stay in Hvar town, you’ll want to take into consideration how close you want to be to the coolest clubs and bars on the island.

If you want to just walk around the corner, you can make that happen. Or if you’d like to be a few blocks away, you can do that as well.

Me and my friends enjoying the sunset at Hula Hula Beach Bar in Hvar

My friends and I enjoying the sunset at Hula Hula Beach Bar in Hvar Town

Here are some awesome places to stay in Hvar Town for every budget.

Budget: Youth Hostel Villa Marija – Parties and hostels kind of go hand in hand. If you’re in Hvar for nightlife, you’ll have a fantastic time staying in a hostel. This particular accommodation has a fun reputation, fantastic location, roomy dorms, and even a pool.

Click here to book your stay at Youth Hostel Villa Marija!

Mid-Range: Successus Old Town House – With its stone walls and fantastic service, the Successus Old Town House is one of the most charming places to stay in Hvar Town. It’s also a few blocks away from the clubs and bars, which means you can easily walk over for some excitement or enjoy a good night’s rest.

Click here to see the latest prices and availability at Successus Old Town House!

Luxury: Apartments Stipisic – If you’re looking to splurge on an accommodation in Hvar Town, Apartments Stipisic is definitely worth the extra cash. With the modern rooms, top-notch amenities, and prime location near the main square, what more could you ask for?

Book your stay at Apartments Stipisic here!

St Stephen's Square in Hvar, Croatia

St Stephen’s Square in Hvar Town, Croatia

Where to Stay in Hvar for Beaches – Jelsa

Jelsa has a lot going for it. First, there’s the town. With historic architecture, picturesque streets, and friendly people, the town of Jelsa looks like it came straight out of a storybook!

You can easily spend an entire day wandering around and seeing the sights, including the Jelsa Municipal Museum, the Fortress-Church of St. Mary, and the Duboković Winery.

While the town of Jelsa is absolutely amazing, the area’s nature is actually the main draw.

Jelsa is packed with lovely hiking trails and postcard-worthy beaches. A few of the best nature-focused spots in Jelsa include Beach Sveti Luka, Beach Mina, and Preko Vrha Trail.

Another perk of Jelsa is that it’s quite easy to make a day trip to mainland Croatia. You can easily take a ferry to Bol or Split, which are both worth the journey.

Malo Zarace Beach in Hvar Island

Malo Zarace Beach in Hvar Island

I have listed below some great places to stay in Jelsa for every budget.

Budget: Lazaneo Seafront Apartments, Jelsa Hvar – This affordable apartment complex offers pristine accommodations and breathtaking views of the water.

Click here to see prices and availability at Lazaneo Seafront Apartments! 

Mid-Range: Apartmani Štambuk – This colorful, charming apartment is just 150 feet from the beach! In other words, you can enjoy the pebbled shores from sunrise until sunset.

Click here to book your stay at Apartmani Stambuk!

Luxury: Apartments Franko – The highlight of this fancy accommodation is the large outdoor space that offers breathtaking views of the city and the beach.

 Check out prices and availability at Apartments Franko here!

Sunset over the sea in Hvar, Croatia

Sunset over the sea in Hvar, Croatia

Where to Stay in Hvar for History – Stari Grad

Stari Grad is the oldest town on Hvar Island, so it’s no surprise to find that it’s the perfect place for history buffs to stay.

While staying in this charming town, you can admire the architecture of the Tvrdalj of Petar Hektorović, wander around Škor Square, and watch the sunset from Glavica hill.

But the highlight of Stari Grad is the Stari Grad Plain. This agricultural landscape is the oldest part of Stari Grad, and it was used in the 4th Century BC by Greek colonists.

The Stari Grad Plain is so noteworthy that it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stari Grad is also home to some of the most gorgeous Hvar resorts. With beautiful architecture, gorgeous amenities, and stunning views, these amazing accommodations in Stari Grad will take your Hvar vacation to a whole new level.

Wandering around the cute streets of Hvar

Wandering around the cute streets of Hvar

Here are some great places to stay in Stari Grad for every budget.

Budget: Holiday Home Sunce – Location, location, location! Hostel Sunce is situated in the heart of Stari Grad, which means you’ll be just steps away from Škor Square, Muzej Staroga Grada, and Tvrdalj of Petar Hektorović.

Click here to see prices and availability at Holiday Home Sunce!

Mid-Range: B&B Heritage Villa Apolon – The adorable bright pink exterior of this Stari Grad accommodation is just a peek into what it has to offer. Inside, you’ll be able to enjoy free breakfast, a sunny terrace, and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Book your stay at B&B Heritage Villa Apolon here!

Luxury: Hotel Antica – With its onsite restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a thriving garden, Hotel Antica is definitely one of the best hotels in Hvar.

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Enjoying the view over Hvar from Fortica

Enjoying the view over Hvar from Fortica

Where to Stay in Hvar for Families – Milna 

Milna is just a few kilometres outside of Hvar Town, but it has a completely different vibe. While Hvar Town is perfect for night lovers, Milna is fantastic for families.

The tiny town of Milna is filled with hidden natural gems. You can suntan on sandy beaches and swim in calm coves – both of which aren’t found anywhere else on the island. (The rest of the island has pebbled, wavy beaches.)

There’s even a towering pine forest that lines these gorgeous beaches. And if the natural beauty of Milna weren’t enough to help you decide where to stay in Hvar, the food scene of Milna might.

This small village boasts some of the best seafood restaurants on the island, including Gostonia Milna and Konoba Lambik Milna/Hvar.

And if you’re worried about missing out on the excitement and history of the rest of Hvar Island, don’t worry! Milna isn’t far from Hvar Town or Stari Grad, so you can easily take day trips to these two iconic parts of the island.

The car we rented in the brief afternoon we had it, with the beautiful coastline of Hvar behind

Driving along the beautiful coastline of Hvar Island

I have listed below some cool options for accommodation in Milna for every budget.

Budget: Apartments Marija Magdalena – With cozy rooms, excellent sea views and an incredible location, what more could you want from this budget Milna accommodation?

Check out prices and availability at Apartments Marija Magdalena here!

Mid-Range: Hotel Fortuna – When looking for where to stay on Hvar island for families, you’ll definitely want to check out Hotel Fortuna. Located right on the beach with lovely balconies overlooking it, this hotel is worth every penny.

Click here to book your stay at Hotel Fortuna!

Luxury: 5 Bedrooms Holiday House with Sea View – If you’re a big family and want to splurge during your time in Milna, you should definitely look at this gorgeous villa. This modern apartment includes beautiful interior design, huge dining spaces, stunning views of Hvar, and an awesome location.

Click here to see prices and availability at 5 bedrooms Holiday House with Sea View!

Hvar Town and the Spanish Fortress looking over it

Hvar Town and the Spanish Fortress looking over it

Other Cool Places to Stay in Hvar

There are a couple of noteworthy accommodations that aren’t situated in the above areas. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a spot on this list of where to stay in Hvar!

Zastražišće – Villa Amalia 

Zastražišće is a small village in the center of Hvar Island. It’s an ideal place to get a taste for small town life. You can wake up late, grab a cup of coffee at a local café, and leisurely explore the nature in Zastražišće.

Nearly all of Zastražišće’s attractions have some connection to nature. You can spend a day at the Family Farm Kod Kucera, check out the famous 2,000-year-old olive tree, or go for a swim at Pokrivenik Bay.

While staying in Zastražišće, I highly recommend staying at Villa Amalia. This secluded accommodation includes everything you could ever want and more.

You can swim in the sparkling pool, play a few games of tennis, grab a bottle from the wine cellar, work out at the gym, and relax at the sauna. And all of that is just the start of the amazing features at Villa Amalia!

Click here to see prices and availability at Villa Amalia!

View over the harbour and rooftops of Hvar from the top of the fort

View over the harbour and rooftops of Hvar from the top of the fort

Sveta Nedjelja Villa Perka

Sveta Nedjelja is just to the east of Milna and the south of Stari Grad. But despite its proximity to these two popular destinations, most visitors to Hvar don’t make their way to Sveta Nedjelja.

If you love breathtaking views, you should definitely consider Sveta Nedjelja when determining where to stay in Hvar. This little town of just 131 people sits on the highest point on the island.

This means that you’ll be able to admire amazing views of Hvar Island, the Mediterranean Sea, and even mainland Croatia.

And while the views are the main highlight of Sveta Nedjelja, that’s certainly not all there is to do in this small village. You can also pop into the Sveta Nedjelja Cave Monastery, visit the Zlatan Olok winery, and test your free climbing skills.

During your time in Sveta Nedjelja, I recommend staying at Villa Perka. This gorgeous villa boasts historic stone walls, a thriving olive grove, inviting rooms, and of course incredible views.

Click here to book your stay at Villa Perka!

Sunset over the sea in Hvar, Croatia

Sunset over the sea in Hvar, Croatia

Final thoughts on the best places to stay in Hvar

There you have it, the ultimate guide to the best places to stay in Hvar Island, Croatia! Have you stayed in any of these places before? How did you find them? Let me know in the comments below!

Many people only visit Hvar Island on a day trip from Split, but they don’t know just how much they’re missing out on!

Hvar features on almost every Croatia bucket list or Croatia itinerary, and it’s easy to see why. With so much variety on such a small island, it’s only natural that it interests so many different types of travellers.

And it’s only natural that different types of travellers gather in different parts of the island. I hope you find this Hvar accommodation guide useful in planning your stay in Hvar!

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